Here you will find external publication by analysts at Avram Turing.

Through our research, in 2021, we coined two new concepts “non-information” and “off-information” then introduced them to the international research community and the information quality body of knowledge.




Newspaper articles

Amplification or Friction? Misinformation Online is About Information Quality. Business Day, 29 July 2021, p.10

'Harm Principle 2.0': An Update Required for Online Free Speech Today. Business Day, 23 July 2021, p.11

Misinformation Online is a $78 Billon Annual Problem Affecting Global Economy. Business Day, 18 March 2021, p.11

Misinformed About the Information Age: The Existential Crisis of Online Social Media. Business Day, 25 February 2021, p.10

The Time for Society to Act and Prevent a Misinformation Apocalypse is Now. Business Day, 06 October 2020, p.9

Learning to Think Analytically is the Only Immunity During an Infodemic. Business Day, 18 August 2020, p.9


Research papers

Peer reviewed

Information Disorder Online is an Issue of Information Quality. Academia Letters, Article 2999 (2021). (online version). PDF here.

The ‘Harm Principle’ and Information Disorder Online. Academia Letters, Article 3425. (online version). PDF here.

Full length versions

Making the ‘Harm Principle’ Central to Approaches Against Information Disorder. SocArXiv, July 2021

Online Misinformation Analysis and Information Quality Theory. SocArXiv, January 2021

Shorter versions

Boolean Logic, Fregean Logic, Wittgensteinian Logic and the Processing of Natural Language. SocArXiv, September 2021

Online Misinformation Analysis through Wittgensteinian Lens. SocArXiv, August 2021

Some Approaches in Online Misinformation Analysis. SocArXiv, August 2021